Kief-Infused All Flower Pre-Rolls

Light up Infinity.

With Infinity Pre-Rolls, the ability to elevate your experience travels with you. Whether you’re setting the mood for the start of the weekend, searching for those elusive “zen” vibes, or ready for deep conversations with a side of euphoria, Infinity is ready at a moment’s notice.

We decided that sometimes prep work is too much work, so we did it for you.

Our groovy sativa, soothing indica, and balancing hybrid blends are perfectly pre-rolled and ready to go for whatever you have in store: a weekend at the beach, a long day of focus, or an afternoon that could go just about anywhere. 

Infinity pre-rolls come in a sleek black storage tin, unobtrusive and easy to toss in a jacket pocket or weekend bag. Slide the lid open anywhere and anytime to switch up the mood, share with friends, or find a moment of calm in your day. 

5 SATIVA Kief-Infused All Flower Pre-Rolls

Ready to soar? Get into the Groove with our smooth sativa product. Groove provides a mind-opening euphoria that’s perfect for expansive daytime highs or atmospheric evening conversations. Made with our top-tier Infinity flower, each pre-roll will immerse you in clear, uplifting energy that inspires creativity and amplifies the moment.

Your adventure starts here: our flower is infused with kief, which brings unparalleled potency and energy back to your experience. Slide open the sleek storage tin for pre-packed pre-rolls that are packaged with Boveda fresh packs to maintain optimal freshness and consistency. 

Each Groove tin contains five (5) Sativa Kief-infused All Flower Pre-Rolls, each with 0.7 grams for a total of 3.5 grams of our premium Infinity flower. The next time you see the opportunity for a mind-opening adventure, Groove will be ready to lift you.

5 Indica Kief-Infused All Flower Pre-Rolls

Let it all fall away with Soothe. Our indica pre-rolls are the perfect chance to slip into well-deserved rest and relaxation. Soothe is made with Infinity, our top-tier flower, and is packaged with Boveda fresh packs to ensure quality and moisture levels. 

Pop open the sleek storage tin for a worry-free pre-roll that’s ready to go, whether you need it for the end of a long week or at the beginning of a chill day on the couch. Infused with kief for a premium high, Soothe has the power to melt away your worries and ease you towards a calm, low-energy experience or the sweet bliss of deep sleep. 

Each Soothe tin contains five (5) Indica Kief-infused All Flower Pre-Rolls, each with 0.7 grams for a total of 3.5 G of premium Infinity flower: the perfect recipe for soothing your senses.

5 HYBRID Kief-Infused All Flower Pre-Rolls

In search of that fine line between calm and focus? Balance pre-rolls provide you with the clarity and stability needed for an afternoon boost or an uplifting morning high. Made with our top-tier Infinity flower, this blend smoothes the edges without unraveling your focus and gently lifts energy and creativity levels. 

The convenient pre-rolls are packed in a slim storage tin with Boveda fresh packs that ensure quality and are ready at a moment’s notice when you need to take a moment and re-center. Infused with kief to provide purified peace and focus, Balance brings harmony to your day and prepares you for whatever you have in store. 

Each Balance tin contains five (5) Hybrid Kief-infused All Flower Pre-Rolls, each with 0.7 grams for a total of 3.5 G of our premium Infinity Flower. Light up for renewed balance and focused calm.

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